Obeytrix Solutions Architects Vision

Obeytrix Solutions Architects vision is to restore the relevance of Enterprise Architecture in a new perspective using the role of a Solutions Architect as a change agent. The objective is to create a relationship at infant stages between and an Entrepreneur of an enterprise and Enterprise Architecture. The entrepreneur should be able to understand the cost of IT associated with his/her enterprise from the inception of the business idea. This information should be able assist the entrepreneur assess business viability. Thus business financers will be able to make informed decisions when considering whether to finance the business or not. Enterprise Architecture is now an independent autonomous and reusable service, accessible to clients such as entrepreneurs, financial institutions and software vendors. Enterprise architecture presents a unified service at a cost, providing crucial information in the following manner:

•    Conversion of existing IT and business relationship to the vision of the entrepreneur.
•    A view to the world of the ‘target customer’ in terms of restrictions, opportunities, interests, trends, behaviour      and a database of applications (including mobile apps) the customer is exposed to.
•    Comparison of infrastructure comparison matrix, e.g. cost, hardware specifications and fulfilment.
•    Software Architecture style preferences per trend and customer base. 
•    IT Technology trends and targets by clients requirements.

Platform Independent Integration

OSA provides the ability to integrate different applications developed in different languages and running on different platforms through the use of web services, messaging and other mechanisms. Ability to integrate business partners in the client’s business process in order to maximise clients profits and connectivity with suppliers. OSA employs Enterprise Service Bus technologies and many other integration tools to provide this service.

Architecture-Driven Development

In most cases business is flooded with a spaghetti of software applications that sometimes do not share the data or functionality. Thus the enterprise ends up with many software applications that repeat the same functionality and exists in isolation, totally unaware of other applications spread across the many lines of business. OSA overcomes this problem relying on the Solutions Architect to apply the enterprise architecture context on every specific application or solution under development. The process of software development automatically aligns with overall entrepreneur’s vision and enterprise architecture patterns thus promoting commonality. The outcome is reference architecture that can be mapped to the entrepreneur’s business vision and strategy at the lowest visible point possible. 

Software Architecture Consulting

• Enterprise Architecture and Entrepreneur vision ideation process.
• Enterprise Architecture modelling.
• Enterprise Architecture infrastructure cost analysis.

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