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My Background

I have been in IT over 11 years and specialised in different IT segments from telecoms, logistics, health and insurance and currently financial institutions. Joined IT in the days of Java 1.4 and specialized in different skills such as software testing, enterprise architecture and software development. At UTi, I worked on TIBCO messaging system, utilizing publish-subscribe channel. Worked on a data replication environment where three databases based in Frankfurt-Germany, France and Johannesburg-South Africa, had to be synchronized to make sure orders travelling by air, sea and road are traceable to customers via exposed portal services.

I have worked for a Namibian based company whose IT infrastructure was based in Johannesburg-South Africa. Developed Java SE/EE applications which had to take into consideration network disconnections between South Africa and Namibia. I travelled to Dublin-Ireland for training and worked with foreign technical consultants and to develop Java EE artefacts, which were to be later integrated to a final deployable work package for the Road Accident Fund Fineos System. IBM provided us with p-series AIX environment, running Websphere Application Server and IBM MQ Series for enterprise messaging where our SOA-based solution was deployed. Most recently have been working on content management using Documentum and exposing SOAP and Rest service to enable client to manipulate the data associated with documents of interest. Writing business functionalities such uploading and splitting of documents to maximise classification of documents. Currently working on Software AG webmethods framework, a technology for enterprise messaging, application integration and business process integration. 

Kobedi Makgabutlane
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect.
Obeytrix Solutions Architects  

The Objective

To create a relationship at infant stages between and an Entrepreneur of an enterprise and Enterprise Architecture.